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This event is the VII Congress of the Ibero-American Attachment Network and, on this occasion, it is organized by "Attachment Relationships and Social-Emotional Development Research Group, PUCP"

The 7th Ibero-American Attachment Network International Conference The congress will be held from November 10 to 12, 2022 in Lima, Peru in the hybrid modality, so those interested can participate in all the activities in person or virtually.

The Thematic areas to be covered are:

  • Basic principles of attachment theory-
  • Precursors of the attachment bond.
  • Attachment in adolescence and adulthood.
  • Paternity, maternity and other caregiving figures at home.
  • Attachment and early relationships in school.
  • Cultural and historical diversity in the formation of early relationships.
  • Impact of early relationships throughout the life cycle.
  • Early relationships and development from a neuro-genetic perspective.
  • Attachment and early development from a psychoanalytic perspective.
  • Intervention based on attachment theory.
  • Public policies for early childhood development.
  • Methodological innovations in attachment research.

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